Professional Services Firm Workflow Management System


One of the largest professional services firms in the world was building a workflow management system bringing internal and external users together to process critical financial and organizational documentation for end-to-end digital execution. One of our Team Leads helped them refine their product strategy and manage development priorities to create a tool that stands alone in the marketplace.

Made an immediate splash in the marketplace, as the first fully executable digital experience in its industry.

– J.W.


  1. High-level priorities that were difficult for the development team to translate to functional requirements
  2. Highly sensitive data and documentation that limited functional flexibility
  3. Large number of global users requiring fast response time from the system
  4. Multiple microservices feeding data in-and-out of the same Server Cluster
  5. High-pressure environment with heavy executive demand


The solution included elements of agile delivery and enterprise development. Success was a matter of getting over 300 extremely accomplished and intelligent people to communicate consistently and collaborate efficiently to ensure a shared understanding of the priorities and the capabilities of the technology while maintaining performance, stability, and security. Specific steps include:

  • A scalable development framework rooted in core technologies, microservices, and stable API’s
  • The coupling of business requirements and UX design to ensure PO’s and Developers are aligned
  • Utilization of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) methodology across the program while being mindful of the financial and milestone reporting requirements of executive leadership
  • Powerful use of User Acceptance Testing to optimize all workflow scenarios before go-live
  • Shared learning and growth for our Agile Leaders, Technical Architects, Developers, and Client Subject Matter Experts / Product Owners


The workflow management system was completed and deployed on time and made an immediate splash in the marketplace, as the first fully executable digital experience in its industry. Within weeks of deployment, the firm used the platform as a key part of its pitch to win a competitive bid for a billion-dollar client.

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